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Innisfree Color Glow Lipstick - ft. Beauteque

Innisfree is a brand I've been curious to try for a while. I saw Pony from Pony's Beauty Diary use this in a previous episode and have been dying to get my hands on one since. This beautiful new lipstick is from Innisfree's line of Color Glow Lipstick in shade 03 Romantic Autumn Rose, which is a really nice and girly pink really suitable for spring/summer. The finish is glossy without being sticky and feels very light on the lips. These remind me a lot of the Dior Addict Lipsticks and the color range is gorgeous. It actually shows up as a lighter pink than in the ad, but my lips are probably more pigmented than the model. The folks over at Beauteque were kind enough to send me over one to try and now I think I might end up picking up some other shades because these are amazingly opaque and very moisturizing! 04, 06, 09 and 10 look amazing too and might be on my wishlist now. 

You can pick yours up from Beauteque at: http://www.beauteque.com/

The packaging is very simple and the packaging of the lipstick is a matte white tube with a twist up bottom. There is quite a bit of product in one lipstick, so I imagine it'd take a while to finish. I've been wearing this to work everyday for the last week, and I feel like it really brightens up my face, but is subtle enough to wear on a daily basis.

My bare lips and other pictures with approximately two layers. I usually have really dry lips so I am always drawn to moisturizing lip products with good color payoff.

Get your beautiful Innisfree lippies today! 

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KKCenterHK Lashes Review

Depending on your style, lashes can make all the difference to turning a look glamourous. Having stubborn Asian lashes, the look is only achievable with falsies. Lower lashes also make a big difference in the look and can definitely up the drama.

I like to cut some lower lashes in half for the outer corners, as the stiffness of the band will sometimes cause the lashes to lift after long wear.

The lower lashes are: ES-A552 and the top lashes are: ES-A517

You can get your lashes here: http://www.kkcenterhk.com/

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Favorite Lip Products ATM - YSL Glossy Stains & Dior Addict Lipsticks

I may be late to hop the train, but I just wanted to share some of my favorite colors out of the Yves Saint Laurent Glossy Stains and Dior Addict lipsticks.

I got them in #7 (Corail Antique) which is a peachy coral and #15 (Rose Vinyl) which is a fuchsia pink. I tend to always pick up the coral colors and similar shades of pink so you have been warned!

It applies beautifully with very opaque color that is not drying on the lips. It slightly has a floral, rose scent and slightly stains the lips after applying. It's very lightweight so I think it's very comfortable to wear, although you definitely need to reapply after eating.

I also have been loving these Dior Addict Lipsticks that are buildable in color and moisturizing. #336 (Saint Tropez) is another peachy coral, #366 (Pink Icon) is a my lips but better pink, #578 (Dior Kiss) is another bright pink.

The packaging, as always, is divine and the color range is gorgeous. You can definitely wear these sheer or build it up to an intense color payoff. I have a couple more colors I also use that I find myself throwing in my bag (#564 Model) because the colors are so gorgeous.

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Wantable Box Beauty Subscription

Girls, I know how tempting those beauty subscription boxes are and trust me I've spent my time looking around between Ipsy, Birchbox, and all the others out there to try and see which one I want to commit to. Beauty boxes are a beautiful thing if you want to try a lot of different products or different brands.

Wantable provides 3 different services for the type of monthly subscription you can receive such as beauty products, accessories, or intimates. The appealing thing about their beauty boxes is that the items are full-sized and you can fully customize the type of products you would like to receive. The questions they ask are highly detailed so that they won't include type of products you don't like.

This brush is very soft and yet the handle isn't too long so you can throw it in your makeup bag or take it traveling. I've heard a lot of good things about Japonesque brushes so I was excited about this item.

A bright pink lipstick from Besame Cosmetics in Exotic Pink (C211)

Black liquid liner from Caitlyn

Lip stain from Lise Watier

Another cute, playful pink. This lip stain is super strong! Just having it on my hand for a couple seconds, it left a really vivid tint. 

A skincare item for tightening the skin.

Head on over to Wantable if you are looking for your next beauty subscription service!

ReFa Carat Platinum Electronic Roller - Imomoko & ReFa Event!

Hello lovelies! As I am currently writing this post, I'm on the shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka where I will be spending the next week. I was able to do a good amount of editing on the plane to Japan so I will be trying to post in between my trips!

A while back I was lucky enough to attend an event held by Imomoko and ReFa about their slimming devices. Imomoko is a authorized seller of ReFa and believe it or not, there are many fakes out there that even copy the exact packaging! I've had my fair share of plastic slimmers in hope that with due diligence, hard word would pay off in the highly sought after V shaped face.

There are many popular ways and techniques of facial massage in Asia, and this happens to be one of Japan's most popular. It has been at the top of ranking charts in cosme.net and has even received an award for best cosmetic beauty equipment. Not only did they sell over 1 million units in just one year, it was featured as one of the official gifts for the Grammy's in 2011. 

ReFa utilizes its solar panel to create micro-currents to mimic the motions of a professional aesthetician. While the ReFa Carat is more popular in Asia, ReFa Pro is more popular in the States. Not only is it effective on the face and neck for lymphatic drainage, it also can be used on other areas of your body such as arms, legs, and stomach to eliminate cellulite and tighten the skin.

The ReFa Pro Up Serum can also be used in conjunction with the device and increases micro-current conductivity by 4.5 times! Containing some of the key elements of collagen, hyaluric acid, and elastin it gives you a healthy glow while allowing moisture to penetrate deep within your skin. It is scentless and perfect for those with sensitive skin like me.       

The event itself was amazing at the Los Angeles Hilton, and even speakers from Japan's MTG to explain and teach us how to use the ReFa Carat as well as the ReFa Pro and a live demo on a model. Within minutes, we saw how her skin was uplifted and the skin around v-line tighter! I was surprised, because all the years of trying the plastic rollers, it often took months of continuous use to produce any noticeable results.

Trying to get that v-face!

I first saw this device on Beauty QQ's channel on YouTube and wondered if it was really as good as so many people claimed. After using it daily for about a month, I feel like the skin around my neck is tighter, and that the device is very helpful in getting rid of water retention. The fact that it is waterproof also makes it convenient to use it while you are taking a bath or watching TV. These kind of goods are always an investment, but if you are dedicated I think it is worth it!