*✦ Canmake Review & Swatches! ✦*

Canmake is a drugstore brand from Japan and is known for it's adorable packaging, high quality products, and affordability. Not only that, the spokesmodel for this brand is none other than... Lena Fujii. *Insert awe and starry eyes here* It is also endorsed and advertised by many popular magazines and is popular with girls across Asia.

Update: Lena Fujii has been replaced by Erina Dawkins as Canmake's new spokesperson!  

So I've recently discovered there is a Canmake stand fairly close to where I work and I ended up purchasing these products:

Nudy Glow (01 Rose Macaroon)
Shimmer Jelly Eyes (02 Sugar Milk Tea)
Blush PW-20
Eyelashes No. 03
Eyelashes No. 11

The salesgirl was nice and also threw in a "Make me Happy" Hair Essence also by Canmake which smells like yummy candy and helps your hair become shiny and smelling awesome.

I had a really hard time choosing the Nudy Glow glosses because the colors are all so gorgeous!
I ended up going with the 01 because it was a more pink-toned and closer to my natural lip color.

Their lashes are also gorgeous and although the band is not invisible, it keeps its shape well. It holds up over multiple uses and is easier to clean than Dolly Winks. They add that extra oomph to your look easily upon application and are really good at keeping a curl! I was so in love with the No. 03 lashes as they help to achieve the round cute eye look since the heavy part of the lashes are in the middle.

In the end I returned to buy two more of the glosses...
Nudy Glow (02 Strawberry Whip)
Nudy Glow (06 Peach Milk)

As well as a backup of the No. 03 lashes!

[01]ローズマカロン, [02]ストロベリーホイップ, [06]ピーチミルク
[01] Rose Macaroon, [02] Strawberry Whip, [06] Peach Milk
Swatched with one stroke on the back of my hand. (In order from top to bottom: 01, 02, 06)

This series uses a nylon brush applicator and the bristles soft and although I typically prefer doe-foot applicators, this one is just as good.

In order from left to right (06, 02, 01).

Verdict? I love the colors in this series and they're all cute and wearable for an everyday look! I don't feel the need to use the lip concealer that Canmake also carries since the colors are already very pigmented and are very opaque!

Now onto the Shimmer Jelly Eyes...I purchased it in "Sugar Milk Tea", which is basically a shimmery gold color. It uses a doe foot applicator and has a creamy texture.
Blended out, basically it's super sparkly! It's easy to apply and is very wearable for natural looks.

Swatch of it with one stroke.

Top: PW 20, Bottom: Highlighter

Previously I had already bought the gradation blusher on my trip to Tokyo in the winter. The highlighter was sold out the last time I went so I was happy to pick it up this time. I've seen the PW20 blusher in many magazines, but never thought about buying it because I thought it would be too pink.

After taking a couple swatches I decided it actually is actually a very pale pink with lots of shimmers.

The color is pretty sheer and you actually need to apply a couple times to build up the color.
I do like their highlighter from the gradation blush and from my experience, the glitter usually wears off pretty quickly so do not be intimidated by the sparkles!

Overall, I'm super satisfied with all the products I got and I may be back to buy more, since there was also the line of new nude lipsticks that caught my eye...

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  1. omg i have those eyelashes but i dont like them unless i stack them ; o ; i used to but now im so used to fuller eyelashes