Depotting the Urban Decay Potion Primer (UDPP)

It's come to that time where my Urban Decay Potion Primer has seemingly run out. So it was time to depot!

The only problem I came upon was that after cutting the plastic tube, small bits of plastic started to flake off so I had to take caution not to let those flakes get into the primer.

So my materials were a small jar I bought from Sasa over the summer, a kitchen knife, and a plastic stick.

It's better to buy or find an air-tight container as this product dries up pretty rapidly when exposed to air. Any old empty container from previous eye creams and such should work just as well too!

And, tada! Easily 3/4 of this jar was full! Even though I had bought the primer potion with the curved doe toe, so much product was left behind that the wand couldn't reach.

I had already bought my backup of Etude House's Proof 10 24 hour waterproof primer, but I haven't tried it yet. I might do a post with other Etude House's products I've bought later on and I still need to get to the Laniege, Urban Decay, and Dolly Wink post!

The weather's been kind of gloomy so I'm waiting for a sunny day to take pictures!

Love & Peace


  1. Oh man, genius. When things run out, I just think 'fml, guess I have to buy a new one...' Total waste, gotta try de-potting stuff now :D

  2. Yeah the UDPP has such a wasteful shape...