Give thanks!

It was recently Thanksgiving so I went to my parents house to visit for the weekend. It was pretty eventful and I barely got any sleep... But I did go shopping with my best friend for Black Friday!

Recently a buy I was excited about was a pair of Guess heels and the Viva Glam Gaga lipstick from MAC.

I love the chain detail! They're also so comfortable.. The best part was that they were 60% off! Teehee..

The lipstick is pretty pink, I wouldn't call it exactly wearable for all events and such, but it is a very adorable pink color. I picked up some other items I was happy about but haven't had time to take pictures of yet.

By the way... It's so cold lately! All I want to do is curl up in bed all day...

Also the historical context for the Thanksgiving holiday isn't really accurate or anything to celebrate, but spending time with your family and realizing how fortunate you are with everything you have in your life is something worth celebrating.

Life is so delicate, it's important to be thankful for the beautiful things!

Love & Peace!


  1. The shoes are so nice!
    I think the mac lipstick is very nice too (:

  2. Totally love your shoes! Girl you look adorable

  3. Love your hair color! You look so cute!


  4. Silkybow> Thanks! I love Guess shoes.. they're so comftorable!

    fashionstoned> Thanks sweetie! ^^ Can't go wrong with new pair of heels!

    Teresa> Thanks! I'm considering going dark again soon though...

  5. You look very cute and I LOVE the Guess heels! They are absolutely cool!
    xoxo from Hannie

  6. I have just gotten Viva Glam Gaga last week! Love it <3

    and the heels are so cool!
    the chains make a difference =D!

  7. love those shoes!! and omgs you're so fair and gorgeous <333

  8. Hannie> Thanks! I love Guess heels cause they're sooo comftorable *Q*

    Pixie D> Yeah! I am not usually a fan of mac lipsticks but some colors are too cute to pass!

    amanda> Thanks love! You're really pale too.. I think maybe more than me <3