*✦ Kao Essential Hair Mask Review ✦*

I'm sure these are already highly advertised by many bloggers, but I'm always looking for products to try on my hair. 

Any girl that dyes her hair religiously or puts her hair through hell and back with daily use of straightening irons or curlers knows that the damage in her hair show at the tips of her hair the most. And no matter what you do, you can't restore the health lost by using products or anything. But, there are ways to make your hair more manageable, soft, and smooth! 

I first tried these hair masks while I was in Asia over the summer and immediately fell in love! Not only is the scent absolutely delicious, it actually worked on my dye-damaged (or more like killed, ahem) hair! 

They advertise this as helping the last 15cm of your hair and it really does that.

There are two types, "NUANCE AIRY" and "RICH PREMIER". I've gone through two full jars of each and although they look almost identical, they are only slightly different. As the name suggests, "RICH PREMIER" is slightly richer and heavier. I wouldn't suggest this for people who continuously trim the bottom of their hair and have completely healthy hair because the mask might make your hair oily. If your hair has accumulated the most damage at the tips from irons or coloring I would suggest just adding the mask at the bottom of your hair.

I use it after I shampoo my hair and wring it dry. Then I apply all over my hair (since I've dyed and bleached my hair almost to my roots) and wait five minutes before rinsing thoroughly. It makes my hair so much more manageable since my hair is super, super damaged and easily knots itself.

Overall, I love this product and adore it to bits and pieces! Sadly, I haven't found anywhere in California that sells this product yet (at least not at my nearby Mitsuwa or Marukai).

Also, a big thanks to Yun for giving me these Dolly Wink No. 8 lashes to add to my collection. I was eyeing them before deciding on the No. 5's.

Love & Peace!


  1. Yeah I keep hearing good things about this product. Gotta find a way to get my hands on this. T_T

  2. Oh thank you for reviewing these hair masks, I always wondered exactly what the difference between the different types were, now I think I should try the Rich Premier XD

    Oh Dollywink eyelashes, that style looks so nice!

  3. i am using the pink one at the moment :) i thought it smelt really bad at first but now i loveee it.

  4. Is that good for all types of hair?


  5. Thanks for sharing the hair mask reviews, I think I might need it if my hair masks that I have at home don't work on my hair hehe

  6. Dolly> Yeah I wish they started selling the Essential hair care line here too...!

    さらまり> It's so unfortunate nice comes at a cost... but products like these make it a little better : )

    amanda> Yeah I really enjoy the smell.. mmh honey!

    ABIGAIL NY> I would say these masks are catered more towards hair that's been damaged but I think for healthy hair it would probably be best to use the "NUANCE AIRY" one and only apply at the tips maybe once a week! My hair is mostly damaged from dying it and using heat tools on it everyday...

    Silkybow> I loooove hair masks, but these have been my fave in terms of the smell and results!

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  8. go to ebay and type the name . also go to sasa.com I got mine from there. I also got the shampoo and the hair treatment from ebay

  9. i LOVE this hair mask! makes my hair soo smooth and shiny :) xxx