Student life...

Le sigh. It's that time of the quarter when you're over the first round of midterms, but sadly just when you think you can have a little break before finals... it's round 2!

Due to the fact that I've slept 0 - 5 hours nightly since last Thursday... I'm exhausted ! Time to take a little power nap before I start studying again...

Haha, I've also realized I'm really bad with taking self-cam pictures and that means I'm doomed with my new Fujifilm cam! What a waste of a good $1 film...

Good luck to anyone else studying for exams or that will be studying for finals soon!

Love & Peace!


  1. Student life sucks. D:

    You look cute with glasses. <3

  2. wuahaha we're asian so we can get away with using cute asian stationary until forever ;D

    good luck with your midterms sweetheart!

    the polaroid looks good,, $1 well spent :)

  3. Dolly> Thank you love! I popped out the lens and everyone thinks I'm weird for wearing them! : >

    Amanda> Yeahhh , everything of mine is so childish I love it!

    Silkybow> Thanks sweety!