*✦ Urban Decay Haul Review & Swatches ✦*

As promised, my review on the Urban Decay products I got a couple months ago (aha, I'm so late!)

Products are as listed:
Urban Decay: Smoke Out Powder Eye Pencil Purple Haze
Urban Decay: Smoke Out Powder Eye Pencil Maui Wowie
Urban Decay: Loose Pigment X
Urban Decay: Loose Pigment Shag
Urban Decay: Afterglow Powder Blush Fetish

Starting off with the liners:

Top: Purple Haze, Bottom: Maui Wowie

I've previously used UD's 24/7 pencil liners and I loved how smooth they went on (as smooth as butter!), but these liners are definitely not the same. Also, you're supposed to use this liner wet. If used dry it's extremely rough and tugs at your eyes. I had no idea and tried to use them dry, but they were so dry and hard to use I was sitting there for almost 10 minutes wtf-ing at what I just bought. I tried the purple haze color a couple times to school but it didn't stay on particularly well. It's also a huge hassle to have to apply it wet.

These are the swatches of the colors, the top is the color after rubbing it a couple times. (Top: Purple Haze, Bottom: Maui Wowie)

Meh, I'd rather use a liquid liner than have to go through the process of wetting this liner.

Moving on to the loose pigments. (Left: Shag, Right: X)

I actually love the packaging of these pigments! I usually don't particularly enjoy using pigments since they can be messy and are not exactly the product you want to use if you're always in a hurry.

They actually have a small brush applicator to help you reach and apply the pigment! And they definitely reached my expectations for UD products on regards of pigmentation.

Shag has a pinkish hue and X is a peachy gold. Both are incredibly pigmented and gorgeous! I hate the messiness of pigments but this packaging has definitely won me over.

Lastly, the blush in Fetish.

This blush is no different from the other typical UD products on its pigmentation. Therefore, it's important to apply it with a light hand if your skin is light because the blush can get heavy really easily! It comes in a compact that has a mirror as well so it's pretty travel friendly. The pink plum shade is absolutely adorable, but the key is to apply it in very light layers because the pigmentation is so strong. It also leaves a shimmery finish which looks natural and radiant!

That's my take on the Urban Decay products I most recently added to my collection. Next up is Dolly Wink and possibly KATE and Etude House sometime in the near future...

Love & Peace!


  1. ooh really nice haul and great review! :)
    I want to try some products from Urban Decay~

  2. Oh wow, I really want to try the blush now, the color looks so pretty. *_* Thanks for the review! ^o^

  3. Yeah I love the pigmentation on their products! <3