Ah, I realize I haven't updated as often as I'd like to have... I was extremely busy with finals and going to Las Vegas with my friends as a celebration to the end of the school quarter.

I'll post pictures from our latest Vegas adventure soon! We ate so many cakes and I was super happy to get to try the frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity!

The flower ceiling at the Bellagio is gorgeous! My friend told me there is a superstition in Korea that if you look at a picture of this flower ceiling everyday you will lose weight... Very interesting!

It's finally winter vacation and I've gone back to my parents house for the break. The weather is definitely cold to the max... But I received a love package from dear Narina.

She's so sweet and I'm so happy she sent me such a cute package!

She picked me up some Lycee eyedrops which I love and haven't been able to buy anywhere outside of Japan! Along with some adorable goodies such as a Hello Kitty key cover and sleeping mask. Thanks love!

I'll try to get some updates up soon as well as my Dolly Wink post!

Love & Peace!


  1. Ugh, not looking forward to San Jose weather. T_T Maybe we'll get a chance to hang out though if you're not too busy!! :O

    You're so lucky though... I can't remember the last time I went to Vegas... or anywhere else for that matter! Seriously need a break from school. D: Hope your winter break is going well!

  2. Yeah it's so rainy and windy right now! I'm probably going to be up here till the week after xmas! If you're free we can definitely hang out ^^