Holiday haul and loves!

My university has officially started school again so I'm back in my apartment. I've been busy with the new year and also my lovely flatmate has returned from Japan!

A lot has happened over my vacation and I terribly miss my family now. But it'll be a while till I have another break so it's just working hard for now!

I was able to pick up some goodies for the holidays as a gift to myself.. teehee.

Two MAC blushes from the rose romance collection in "Blush of Youth" and "Summer Rose". 
The palette is the Magic, Mirth, and Michief 6 Smoke and Mirrors eyeshadows. 
I was bummed I wasn't able to get a hold of the Tartan Tale eyeshadow palette because now it's sold out and I was terribly in love with the colors (even though I know I probably have similar ones already...). But hey, a true makeup junkie can never have enough! 

The blushes have a raised print of roses and they're incredibly gorgeous! I'll be taking swatches later...

Also my flatmate Lulu brought back wonderful gifts from Japan!

Peach colored one-piece from Tralala, Cape hair spray (love!), necklace from Paris Kids, and a cute Hello Kitty keyring! I'm in love!!!

My dear friend Eli who knows my taste too well got me a brown fox tail! 

It's so soft, I've already hooked it onto one of my bags! 
I'm thankful to be surrounded by such lovely friends who know me too well! 

Cheers until next time! 
Love & Peace


  1. Awww, your roomie is so sweet to bring you something back from Japan! ^^ I'm interested in seeing you in pink~ Most of the pictures I see of you, you're wearing black I think?!? XD

    Oh man, I want a foxtail *_*

  2. Yeah, I was surprised, it was so nice~

    Haha I do wear black the most often... I don't think I've ever worn a one piece this color so hopefully I can pull it off!