January Blues.

Recently the weather has been so chilly, I feel like I'm stepping into death when I step outside. At least it's not rainy and stormy anymore and the sun has started to come out a bit. I do have a preference of cloudy to sunny though!

Since this is the first week of school I've been trying to set up my classes and what not. It's crazy how time is flying by so quickly! 

I also made うなぎ丼 (unagi don) yesterday for my friend and I ... noms! 

And recently picked up some random things since I'm running out... 
I love  Kracie's いち發 shampoo and conditioner! The conditioner was on sale for 4.99 so I bought two bottles recently... I love how rich it is and it smells so wonderful. The scent lasts quite a long time so I'm oh-so-in-love with this conditioner.

And the Hadanomy lotion (toner) since my Laniege one is running out soon. I've heard a lot about this so I'm excited to try it out! (1000 mg of collagen !!!) 

I'm preparing a KATE makeup and swatch post so stay tuned!

Love & Peace


  1. i used to think kate sucked until i really used it used it

    hehe you have the lx3 too? :)

  3. Mint> Yeah, it's so overpriced if buy here .. but it's so good I love it!

    amanda> Thanks lovely, yeahyeah I have lx3 too!!! I love it ^^

  4. The unagi looks so delicious!! ^^
    I've never tried it before, what does it taste like? XD

  5. Ahh! Basically it's eel marinated in eel sauce ^^! It's really cheap to buy at supermarkets!