Halfway done! ♥

2 down, 2 more to go! (Final examinations that is...)

I have a busy week ahead of me, then as soon as I'm done, I'm off to celebrate some birthdays with some loved ones and fly back home to see my family. Time is passing by so quickly.. I can't believe I only have one quarter left before I graduate!

One of the big changes while I've been gone is that.... I dyed my hair dark! It was actually an accident, but I was planning on going dark soon anyways.

Face: Shisedo SPF 55 PA+++ Sunscreen, Hanskin Premium Super Magic BB Cream
Cheek: MAC Rose Romance Summer Rose 
Eyes: KATE Reflect Mirror Eyes BR-2, KATE Designing Eyebrows N, Canmake Jelly Eyes Sugar Milk Tea, Majorlica Majorca Eyeshadow Pallete BR-355, Dolly Wink lashes
Lips: EOS Lip Balm Summer Fruit

It was a lot darker initially, but most of the ash has washed out. I do have to say I'll be missing my light hair.. RIP! 

Last weekend I went to a bakery I've been meaning to go to and had the most lovely strawberry cream croissant and cake.

Strawberry shortcake - Strawberry cream croissant
Good luck to everyone in finals week! Chingchonglinglongtingtong! LOL

Love & Peace! ♥


  1. Good luck with your exams, I still have a month and a bit till mine. THose cakes look soo delicious ^^


  2. i wanna dye my hair darker too >: butttttt i love my blonde hair too much!! maybe light ash brown or something ; o ;

  3. Choiii> Thanks love! Good luck to you on exams later!!

    Mint> Yeahhh, I adore light hair but there's always a day you'l have to go back... and once that day comes you can't go back! LOL

  4. thx you for your comment on my post!
    This week is exam week for me..nd im still on mid-term.. ugh.....

    those cake...drooling~~~~~~~~~


    best of luck with the rest of your exams babe!!
    lol wtf that chingchong girl is so retarded!

  6. Good luck on your exams!
    You are too cute ah, dark hair looks lovely on you as well ♥

  7. Emvely> Ah, wow! Our uni is on the quarter system so each quarter is only 10 weeks...

    Amanda> Thank you honeybuns <3 teehee! I know man!!!! That video went so viral so fast since so many of my friends go to UCLA =w=;;

    Emy> Thanks sweetie! I wish I can have light hair again though..!

  8. ;O the food looks so good! i want a strawberry cream croissant!

  9. MOON> Thanks!! ♥♥♥

    cocoabee> Yeah, that place has the best strawberry cream croissants I've ever had in my whole life!!

    Monica> Thanks!! You're too sweet ^///^!!