If you're going to San Francisco... ♥

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair!

Spring break is over for me and I've returned from my parents house back to my own apartment. The new quarter has already started but I'm actually kind of excited from this quarter even though it's my last one! During my short visit, I went to San Francisco to celebrate a friend's birthday with my best friend..

I also visited some places and got some good eats... Nom! 

Bah, need practice..

I picked up some new products recently as well: Urban Decay NAKED palette, Clinique Clarifying lotion 2, MAC Viva Gaga Lipglass, and Bobbi Brown Foundation Skin Compact. 

I couldn't resist the NAKED palette as it offers so many gorgeous colors and is perfect for travelling instead of bringing different smaller palettes and shadows. It comes with a small UDPP primer and an eyeshadow brush as well. Can't wait to swatch all the beautiful colors! 

Love & Peace 


  1. oooh i love the naked palette! i found that i use that the most since all those colors are so versatile.
    that strawberry pastry looks delicious! actually all the food looks so yummy, i'm so hungry now and it's already 3:30am for me too lol darn ><

  2. awesome hauls...

    those food make me hungry

  3. OH DAMN. next time you in SF hit me up ; o ; I feel like I haven't seen you in .... years.

  4. omgs the view is amazing! take me to san francisco <33

  5. the strawberry chocolate cream pastry and royal pudding looks delicious! =)

  6. I miss Norcal. T_T I've been stuck in Socal for spring break, SUCKS.

    Somehow, your blog always makes me hungry and crave dessert!

  7. emi> I know! I'm so excited to test it out although I've swatched the colors 20938320498 times already at the stores.. Haha! We're on the same time zone ^^;

    Camilla> Thanks! I love taking pictures of food but I guess I shouldn't post them so late at night

    Mint> For sureeee, I actually called up Toge that night but I was already on my way to SF : <

    amanda> If you ever come to California I'd be happy to take you anywhere you want cutie ; D (creepy)

    Athena> Thanks! It was delicious indeed!

    Dolly> Awww! You didn't miss much in norcal though.. The weather was so stormy and cold and miserable... I didn't bring any pants because I didn't know it'd be so cold...

  8. aw you look really pretty :)
    I like the food you posted, so yummy looking!

  9. Silkybow> Thanks sweetie >< ! Haha, my weakness.. Food!