Good-bye! ( & Anime Expo News)

Ahhh! Again I've been so lazy with my blog... Can't.. seem.. to.. un-lazify..

Actually I've been pretty busy as I'm moving out this weekend! I'll be in Los Angeles from tomorrow till July 4th (yey for holidays!) and I will be going to Anime Expo for a bit over the weekend! I haven't been since.. maybe 4 years ago so I'm kind of excited !

Since graduation I've been nomming and going various places with people. I went to Venice Beach, LACMA, San Diego County Fair, an okonomiyaki restaurant, Redondo Beach, and Vegas (again)... I have so many pictures I'm dreading going through them so I'll just leave them till after I move... ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

Oh yes! I also caught a ko-rirakkuma in a UFO catcher recently.. So lucky! Needless to say I've been taking my new friend with me with me ! (^ε^)

Ok I'll stop trolling everyone now. I still have a little ways to pack and a long weekend ahead of me! (・ε・)

And random picture time since I'm too lazy to even sort through the new ones.. *Super lazy mode*

I'll get some reviews and catch up on some posts when I get back next week... !

Love & Peace ! 

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