Graduation & Lovely Blog Awards!

I have so much to post lately and so little time! By the end of the month, I will be moving to Northern California so it's all very hectic! 

In other news, I graduated from my university last week! I can't believe it's all gone by so fast... People weren't kidding when they said the best years of your life are when you're in school!


I was so touched so many friends showed up and supported me throughout the years! I've met so many wonderful people, I can't imagine life without them!

My family also came down and stayed for the weekend! It's the last time I'll see my mum for a couple months so I already miss her! I've found out recently that she pops up occasionally on my blog as well.. so to the best mommy in the world: 世界最好的媽媽,我這幾年都讓你擔心太多事..我以後一定會努力! 謝謝媽咪 

Oh, my cap! I decorated it with my friend at 5 am the night before... So tiring but it turned out ok! I also blinged my tassel..

I was also awarded a Lovely Blog Award from Anna (I'M SO JELLY) and it was incredibly sweet of her! I love her blog and her sense of fashion! I feel mega guilty because I haven't posted very much! Her blog is always an interesting read and she's super adorable.. So check her out! 


1. Link back to the person who passed you the award

2. Share 7 random things about yourself

3. Award 5 blogs 

4. Drop them a note and tell them about it
hello emy
Sara Mari 

These ladies all have amazing blogs and are incredibly sweet so please visit them if you have free time!

☆Although many people are surprised to find, I'm actually quite a germaphobe and like to have my room and belongings clean. 
☆I've dyed my purple, pink, blonde, red, and various shades of brown.
☆I love watching Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory! (Along with Criminal Minds, Dexter, Bones, Lost, etc)
☆I love video games, especially first person shooters.. (L4D2, COD, BF)
☆I'm extremely.. lazy! I love rolling around in bed on days I have nothing to do...
☆I have 2 guitars, 1 bass, and 1 piano. I love music!
☆My favorite animal is jellyfish!  

I have some makeup and contact reviews coming up along with picture spams from various places I've been going to! 

Until next time,
Love & Peace ! 

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