The Last Class.

Which I was unable to attend. Sigh, I have to apologize again for the lack of updates... I have been struck again with deathly sickness. I do realize I get sick pretty often... Perhaps I need to see a doctor @@

I get sick pretty easily, but I went to Vegas with some friends last weekend on very short notice and it happened to be very, very hot outside and very, very cold inside the hotels and casinos! (Could also have to do with going to an ice bar too..) Therefore... voila! Sick again...

In any case, I've been stuck at home writing a 10 page paper, and wallowing in my fever and inability to breathe.. And I woke up realizing today that today was my last class of university ... Ever!

It's kind of a sad, empty feeling!!! I have to pick up my graduation cap and gown tomorrow and gather supplies to decorate it soon... Ah graduation! It actually hasn't felt real since most of my friends of the same grade have decided to stay another year...

Before I got sick... I'm quite saddened because it's also my last month before I move to northern California and I have so many people I want to see!

I'm planning to go to the LACMA for the first time after my final exams with some dear friends.. hopefully we'll get some sweet pictures! 

Good luck to everyone's final examinations and hope for good health! 

Love & Peace ! 

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