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Due to a recommendation from the lovely Nana, I decided to try my first pair of EOS lenses. I got these lenses from Shoppingholics.com since I've heard many good things about them. I usually order from sprees, but those can take up to two months to receive your lenses! I was looking for something quick in time for events coming up.

I was happy to see that my package arrived a little less than two weeks later! 

When I opened the package, I found that they packed it in the cutest way possible ! They also included a free eye patch mask which was super sweet. The package included the lenses, a free lens case, and a thank you card!

The lenses came in a adorable floral box which fit the contacts perfectly snug. Outside of this was bubble wrap and it was extra secure and protected. It was the most protection I've ever seen.. Legit ! 

What interested me in trying the Max Pure Brown lenses was that there is no thick, black ring around the outer edge. This helps it blend in with your natural eye color and provides a much more natural look. I didn't have lenses to wear while I wear glasses or when I don't feel like wearing too much makeup so I decided on these. 
1. Without contact 2. Natural indoor sunlight 3. Window indoor sunlight 4. With flash

Color: ♥♥
The color is really natural, although it may not be enough to cover up other eye colors. It's very suitable for a natural brown look for people with brown eyes already. I'm looking forward to trying the grey ones as well in the future!  

Design: ♥♥
The design is really unique if you take pictures close up with flash. Otherwise it looks relatively natural. It reminds me of Neo Dali brown lenses, but with a little more edge. 

Enlargement: ♥♥
This lens is 14.5 mm which is pretty standard for the lenses out today. It's not as shockingly big with 15mm where if you don't wear makeup you look like a super alien. I feel like 14.5 and 15 mm lenses are more comfortable because it doesn't get stuck on my lower lid like 14 mm lenses sometimes do. 

Comfort: ♥♥
I'm used to using Geo lenses for the past 5 years and it's my first time trying out EOS. At first, the lenses were quite comftorable, but I do feel like I can't wear these as long as Geo lenses. I think around the 5 hour mark my eyes tend to get quite dry. (Although you shouldn't wear it longer than that anyways.. derp) 

Overall: ♥♥♡ 4/5

I look forward to ordering from them again. They might have the best customer service yet as far as circle lens shops go these days. They are super prompt in replying to emails as well so if you want to order, click on the link below! 

Love & Peace! 

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