Tea time and noms adventures

I'm so behind on posts... But I've done moving ! I just have about 30 moving boxes full of the last four years of my life to unpack. I'm so lazy though... Bwahhh

My good friend brought me to a super yummy tea place in Fullerton a while back.. and everything was so, so yummy !

I also went to Kappo Honda, an izakaya, with my little bro.. I miss izakaya so much!

These hot dog/sausage things are always my favorite from yakitori.. I don't know what the texture is called.. crunchy?

I also took a trip to the LACMA and Venice Beach for the first time! So exciting..*~*

This is probably the point in time where I realized ... My feet are going to be sandy.. No towel. FUUUU

Venice Beach was so nice ! But it smelled like... plants. ↓ So many food porns! Sorry ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

Love & Peace ! 

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