Anime Expo 2011 ♥

This is going to be quite a photo dump.. Fair warning given ! 

I didn't get that many pictures of cosplayers because I was running around the whole time... And nomming the other half of the time. But yeah! I haven't been to AX since maybe.. 2006 or 2008? It's been a long time !

I know this is like.. a month too late or whatever, but better late than never right? There's a lot of pictures to post so I'm just going to try and write less.. derp derp. 

Arival to the main hall... 

Dealer's room.. *angelic music*

Found the forever alone guy and made my friend pose with him XDDD
My sister from another mister is so FIERCE ! Love this girl 

Her very sexy Jeffrey Campbells 

Pause for camho!


Iron man costume was so cool *___*

Girls promoting for a car

Deciding on noms for Kogi taco truck...

Tacos! It's Korean bbq in tacos.. Soooo delicious! 

Saw some .. Pokemon cosplayers @@; 

My polaroid from the LACMA 

Ufufufufu sexy legs 

Cingular bar friends !

What is he looking at...

Nico nico  ! 

My sexy unni ! 

Kiss from sexy unni 

Sister rocking her Westwoods! So cute!

So crazy ! Love these two! 


So many people...

There is Luffy!

Mononoke Hime !

Playing around the parking lot

With unni again ♥

She's putting on her lipstick with my sunglasses again

Derp derpy

Got a kiss!

My new baby Chopper !

So many lights in the bathroom! Ohohoho

Makeup for the day! Nyaha ~ After sweating and running around...

I'll probably update about Vegas and other LA/San Francisco activities next... 

Love & Peace!  

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