Goodies from Asia! ... ♥

I just came back yesterday from a weekend in Los Angeles. And I miss it already ! I miss all my lovely friends who are always a blast to hang out with. I'm so backed up with pictures... I don't even want to go through them ! (It'll only make me miss everyone more ;__;)

But I was reunited with my family today and was able to get the contents of ... the giant haul I've been waiting for. Some items were out of stock and it's a bummer.. But I can't wait to try everything out !

Insaneee. There's a bunch of stuff from everywhere.. I'll take my time going through them in the future after I've had time to enjoy all of it.. Moohaha!

And look who my sister brought from Korea... Ahaha ! 

My sister is going off to university soon and everyone is leaving to school.. I'm so jelly of the student life ! Well, I'll try to post something of substance soon... I need to seriously catch up on a sleep though! Until next time ! 

Love & Peace! 

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