I miss Socal! (Vegas and San Diego) ☆

After school ended, I went to San Diego to hang out with my cuties and we all went to the Del Mar fair. I went to the OC Fair 2 years ago for the first time... American fairs! So fun ~ But before that, I went to get some Boiling Crab with some friends. That place is pretty noms but... The wait, sooooooooo lonnnnnnnng. If you ever come to California, this is the place to visit! The shrimp is fresh and before you know if you'll be hooked.

My friends always complain about my messy eating.. 


Welcome to America. Land of the impossible fried fatty foods! 

So cuteee ! 

This guinea pig has such long hair ! You can't even see which side is the face ! 

Sad bunny is sad. 

Goringo ! It's a gorilla / ringo (apple) ~ 

Then I went to Las Vegas with my dear friends. It was a short 2 day trip but still fun! The only thing.. I kind of forgot Vegas is a desert and the fact that it is summer... SO HOT. The ground was emanating super heat waves.  

At Surrender.. Forgot it was outside! Mad hot... 

Ok, this is seriously the reason why I go to Vegas. Screw the clubs, the women, the people blowing all their money. This is where the money's at. 

On the way home we got cupcakes which were super delicious!

I should get up a legit review up sometime... within the next couple days? Actually make that within the next week.. My friend is flying in from Europe tomorrow and I'll be showing her around San Francisco and such so I probably will be back after that! 

Also good luck to those that are starting school soon ! Including my sis, who is going to start her college life at  USC! Congrats sister ! 

Love & Peace!  

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