*✦ MAC Smoke and Mirrors Eyeshadow and Rose Romance Blush Review & Swatches ✦*

I've been overdue on posting reviews but here is the review for the Magic, Mirth, and Mischeif 6 Smoke and Mirrors palette and the Rose Romance blushes, "Blush of Youth" and "Summer Romance".

Magic, Mirth, and Mischeif 6 Smoke and Mirrors eyeshadow palette

6 beautiful shadows, perfect for smokey eyes or a lighter natural look. 

Lightly swatched without a primer. Didn't show up too well on my camera, but they're actually super pigmented. Love the colors, super versatile and travel friendly ! I love this palette because I use it when I need to look professional and when I am going out! 

Now onto the blushes.. 

They are actually "beauty powders" so they're pretty sheer. I actually like it though because it's easy to build up and the colors are beautiful. "Blush of Youth" gives off a sun-kissed natural blush, and "Summer Rose" gives off a cute mauve blush. I love the rose pattern on these which makes me not want to use them frequently, but I find myself grabbing these a lot! 

"Blush of Youth" - a natural soft pink

Summer Rose - a cool blue pink 

Left - Blush of Youth, Right - Summer Rose

Left - Summer Romance, Right - Blush of Youth

Love & Peace! 

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