♥ Obon ! Time to put on cute yukata ! ♥

Sooo, I just came back yesterday from a short trip to LA. Again. Last minute, but it was to take care of some business ! I realize I've been going back pretty often and it makes me miss it oh-so-much... Oh yeah! I dyed my hair darker again too.. OTL

School's starting for most people and I feel a weird sense of sadness that I'm not starting fall quarter with the rest of my friends. Meh. Real world. 

My bestie and I ♥

So noms. Super noms. Choco covered strawberries from Godiva ! 

I've been busy with events and friend's visiting.. and other things so I've been on the computer less lately. Bah, trying to be productive in real life... Anyways good luck to those of you starting school soon! 

Love & Peace!  

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