Missing the city of angels.

Everytime I come back from LA I miss it so much ! Even though I've been visiting frequently it's not enough! Around home it's getting pretty warm during the days and chilly at night. I've been getting tea with friends, playing mahjong, and going to the gym. Ahh, the life of a bum ! 

Strawberry cake - Mimosa - Ahi tuna tatare - Cheesecake

Went to the city to an event our friend was throwing... Disco balls !

 Now LA noms.. Shaved ice! - Omurice

I really enjoy saying the word aubergine.. so I thought this was random , huhu

Los Angeles.

When I got back my mum bought a super big watermelon... Seriously ?!

A pic with the bestie before she left for school. 

Love & Peace! 


  1. Strawberry! oh my god, that Cake looks so delicious :D
    I love your glasses, they look great on you!

  2. Thank you! My real glasses actually look similar to that too ... So fake glasses are a savior on lazy makeup days!