Did September even happen?

Oh jeez. How is it October already?! I swear September passed by so quickly... 

The past week has been full of hectic adventures and dilemmas galore... Either way I have decided on a few things. One of them being.. That I am moving to Los Angeles. (Actually I'm already here so I guess I'm just staying here). 

So there we go my dears, I am now currently living in LA. 

Unfortunately since I didn't know I would be staying here so soon, I only brought 1 suitcase full of things I might need for a couple weeks. So I'm currently living out of my suitcase full of.. travel beauty supplies, stuffed animals, and random clothes. (First world problems..)

One thing I haven't missed about LA is the ... Traffic ! It's insane. And I will be dealing with it everyday. OTL

Oh noes. I get no sleep and I'm constantly on the computer or running around! I swear my body hates me now... 

Love and Peace ! 

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