A new place to call home.

Ok, just because I start every entry by apologizing for not updating frequently, I'm just going to assume everyone knows this by now. Hah. 

I went from having absolutely nothing to do all day to being busy the whole day all of a sudden and lot of other things.. Bah! Sleep is irrelevant ! 

I actually just passed my birthday more than a week ago... I'm so glad I got to spend it with my friends and good company! (But fml for getting old...)

I miss my piano so badly.. I'm so tempted to buy a digital piano.. Why you so expensive ??? 

I recently went to Big Bear for the first time with some friends over the weekend and it was absolutely breathtaking. The air was so nice and fresh and the scenery was so beautiful... I've yet to go through those pictures but.. Eventually !

I'll also be probably getting the rest of my stuff around this weekend.. So I'll probably get the giveaway in order around then too! Gah ! I will try to get some reviews up once I get more settled in and finalize moving ! 

Slow down, take a look around you. Who knows.. sometimes it's closer than you think. 

Love & Peace ♥ 

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