Hello lovelies !

It will be an epic day in just one week ! I can't decide on what epic thing to do yet ... Take a midnight train or perhaps laser tag ? So many choices ...

For Halloween I went to the Queen Mary boat and the 鬼屋 or haunted house (I think). It was a lot scarier than I anticipated ! Pitch dark houses with people clicking metal gloves near your ear or following you silently till you notice ... I thought I was done for sure ! But in all it was a pretty fun experience... I'm never going again though .. Just sayin'.

Time is flying by and it's almost thanksgiving ! I'm so glad because I'll finally have time to visit home and see my mum!

I've been on a bit of a Lancôme spree ! Its pretty bad because I forgot most of my skincare at home.. So I've been shopping ! Santa Monica and Melrose tomorrow possibly ...

What did you do for Halloween ? And what are you planning to do for 11.11.11? I'm still trying to figure out this blogging from iPhone thing ...

Love & Peace ! 

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