Now you see me, now you don't.

I am going to shamelessly come back and pretend like I've been the best blogger ever.. posting oh-so-very-often ! orz

I've been busy with work lately and I keep telling myself I'll update, but I always get distracted! I've picked up an Iphone but I haven't quite figured out how to post entries with more than one picture at a time yet so I haven't tried blogging from there..

I've also been playing around on Twitter and neglecting my actual camera so this will be a classic I'm-going-to-pretend-editing-pictures-will-make-it-better hipster photo spam. I added my Twitter to the left bar so hopefully that works!

Obligatory camwhore picture with the new toy! Cut my bangs recently!

Reminds me of my favorite Aussie, Amanda 

Sometimes I wonder if anybody's looking down.

Random adventures in the middle of the night are my favorite. They keep me sane. 

Last week I went to the Galloween event in LA at RoyalT with hello emy and it was super fun! Looking forward to more adventures... Nyaha ! I shall post pictures of that later.. So many pictures to go through!

Happy Halloween loves!
Love & Peace 

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