The last chapter ?!

Can someone please explain how it is December already ? This is insane! It's almost 2012... Time seriously flies. Can we all take a break and slow down for a second ? 

I have shamefully come back and decided to do a real post. I realize these are pictures from over a month ago and I'm the worst blogger in the world. Hah! But at least I'm getting around to them...

I went to a local "Gal" event for Halloween held at Royal T (a maid cafe) in LA and met up with some wonderful people!

The adorable Hello Kitty cutie, Annie

And my lovely fiance, hello emy ! (These 3 photo credits to Annie!)

Daww it's a rira-family ! I felt so under-dressed since I had work that day and no costume.. orz

So concentrated.. on being shameless! 

Also hung out with my lover, Jamie, a while back.. If you live in Southern California and are ever stuck on what to eat you should visit her blog... Drool !

The weather has been insane so all I've been doing is playing games at home... I went out yesterday to nom and shop with Emy yesterday in Santa Monica and we were so sinful... orz  ... Hopefully I'll catch up someday to the amount of posts I need to catch up on... 

I finally picked up most of the things I needed from Norcal over Thanksgiving and I finally started organizing it... It was a disaster! Took me a couple hours but I finally got it semi-organized ! The amount of products I have to review have multiplied.. I'm considering just doing short reviews on single products from my phone...

A preview for some of the items I will be hosting in my giveaway! I'll be posting more information on my next post sometime this week! Stay warm lovelies! 

Love & Peace 

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