Congrats to giveaway winner !

Congratulations to... Melody ! If you can send me an email back with your mailing information I shall be sending out your package next week !

Thanks again for all those that entered and have supported my very laggy blog ! 

In other news I am still in Taiwan for my last couple days ! The weather has been very bipolar... There was actually a power outage yesterday! 

I've actually encountered some pretty bad luck when I came to Taiwan. I lost both my Justin Davis earrings and necklace within a week... 

But I picked up a new baby ! 

3 little skull babies

But bling in the front ! I love it! It's cute and pretty practical compared to some of my other jewelry pieces... 

Voila !

This weird fruit is called a wax apple! And it's sooooo delicious ! It's like a juicy juicy pear but more airy and just as crispy as an apple ! 

A couple days ago I took a train ride to see a friend in Taichung... Cities are like different worlds here. 

Being shameless on the train. The old man behind me kept coughing every time I held up my phone to take a picture... True story.

50 arashi ! Actually the reading of certain words come to me in Japanese before Chinese and make me sound like a retard. But this is some good boba tea ! 

Beautiful display in a shopping mall we went to. Can you believe this was in the bathroom? LOL

Honey beer ! A perfect way to end the night. 

Anyways I'll try to put together a real post next time ! 
Love & Peace 

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