Top 10 Best iPhone Photo Apps (Photo editing)

People who know me know that I cannot stay away from my phone. I'm always on instagram, taking photos, checking emails, and editing photos. Since there's so many apps on the market, I've compiled a list of my favorite top 10 (also including a recent find that is pretty damn magical). If anybody has any other apps to recommend, be sure to let me know in a comment!

10美图秀秀 (Mei tu xiu xiu) - I'm sure by now everyone has heard of this app as it's pretty standard for editing apps and cool filters. I love the PC or web version so much more as there's so many more new filters, but I don't think they've come out with a Mac version yet so I'm stuck with the web version. 

9. 楽画Cute (Rakuga Cute) - I've noticed that purikura machines are getting harder and harder to find when traveling to Asian countries, with the exception of Japan. I remember them being almost in every mall or area heavily populated with teenage girls, but now a lot of shops have closed down. Or maybe I'm just getting old and can't find them anymore.. In any case, if you don't have access to a purikura machine and want to make your photos cutesy with random flowers or even a llama, you can do it straight from your phone now! This app is in English so it's very easy to navigate and instantly deco out your pictures!

8. Photoshake - This is a standard collage making app that allows you to add up to 12 photos. The thing I like about this is that you can custom move the frames and create your own unique collage based on how much of each picture you want to show. If you don't got time for that you can also just randomize a collage. 

7. Diptic - Another collage making app, but more useful for square photos unless you want to buy the app to make different sizes. It's really easy to make those OOTD mirrored shots in this app and now you can be all fashionista!

6. Lumiè - A bokeh and light filter app that has some super bokeh designs as well as a couple galaxy filters as well. In case you ever wanted to pretend you're in outer space. The annoying thing is that you can't change the intensity of the filter, so it's pretty much one size fits all.

5. Afterglow/Afterlight - This is one of those all-in-one editing apps, from filters, to cropping, to adding text, etc. I love the feature that allows you to crop different shapes such as circles, ovals, and triangles. You can also adjust the brightness, contrast, exposure, saturation, vignette, sharpening, grain, etc. There's some bokeh filters on here as well. 

4. Line Camera - Another favorite of many people, I'm sure. There's many quirky stamps and filters on here, even a variation of different bokehs (hearts, flowers, stars). 

3. PhotoWonder - This is pretty much the same as Mei tu xiu xiu except that there's a beautify editing panel here including liquify, eye enlargement, blemish fix, makeup, skin whitening, and red eye fix. This app is pretty useful for creating your basic collages as well, although it is not as customizable as Photoshake

2. Camera 360 - Another one I'm sure many have heard of. It's probably the best app out there for the variation of filters it has. A fan favorite being the "Sweet" filters, as it  makes everything look cute and dreamy. The lomo filters one here are pretty impressive as well and the HDR filters. It also has some filters for self shots that smooth out and brighten your complexion. 

1. 美拍 (Mei Pai)/ 美颜相机 (Mei Yan Xiang Ji) - This is currently my favorite app of all time! The two are pretty much the same except in Mei Pai you take the photo with filters already on, while in Mei lian xiang ji you take a photo without filters, then apply the filters and have the option of editing your photo. Mei yan xiang ji is actually very similar to Casio TR-150's beauty functions. 

In Mei Pai, my two favorite filters are 甜美可人,唯美. They make you look flawless, but also have the dreamy cuteness of the Sweet filter from Camera360. (Creepy, but it also shows you pictures people have recently taken sorted by distance away from your current location.. )

In Mei yan xian ji, you can choose to take the photo directly or use a 3 second timer that can be triggered by pressing anywhere on the screen. It will also detect your face for "auto beauty" that can be toggled on or off. Once your photo is taken, you can select the amount of intensity you want for your "makeup mode" (similar to Casio TR-150/TR-200 makeup mode). You can continue on to edit with filters, crop, skin modes, blemish fix, eye enlargement, brighten skin, remove dark circles, or liquify. 

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  1. thanks for this! this helped a lot! <3

  2. photosynth for panaroma

  3. Thank you for sharing, these apps will come in handy for photo editing. :)

  4. These are the apps I use too! c:
    They're awesome apps~ c:

  5. Just yesterday I was thinking about googling for some good photo apps, but now I don't have to anymore. Thanks for compiling the list, I'll be sure to check them all out! :D

  6. camera360 is my favorite! <3 just the best app! I stopped using all the other apps for this one :p

  7. Jacqueline MitsukiMay 6, 2013 at 5:34 PM

    I love Lumie toooo!!!!! hehehhe

  8. Love the Lumie app! Thanks for sharing love <3

  9. Thanks for the rec! I'll be sure to check it out! :D

  10. No problem! I can pretend to make my pictures look not half bad with these!

  11. Yeah! I don't know what I would do without them.. 1904821097x times cooler!

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