iMomoko Beauty Haul (Skincare & Makeup)

Today, I have some great products to share with everyone. I was lucky enough to get to try some amazing products sent to me by the wonderful iMomoko for review. Check out which ones are my favorite in my post below!

Dodo Essense Face Masks 

First off are these face masks by dodo. I must confess, I'm a bit of a face mask hoarder.. I love putting on a face mask at night before I go to bed while I'm doing stuff on the computer or watching the newest episode of MasterChef or Criminal Minds. They are also conveniently packaged for on-the-go when you're traveling and need a quick skin boost up. I tried the aloe one immediately because nothing makes my skin nice and hydrated like aloe face masks! The smell is very fragrant and delicious and there was a lot of essence inside.

Minami Collagen Gummy & Asahi Moister Collagen Jelly

We all know how important collagen is right? Collagen drinks are all the hype in Japan and now you can enjoy them in snack form too! The gummy on the left is by Minami Healthy Foods and is a lightly flavored yogurt rose gummy, while the jelly on the right is by Asahi.This jelly contains hyaluric acid and collagen, which are both very good for your skin. These are ultra-portable and contain 150 mg of hyaluric acid, 2500 mg of collagen, 1000 mg of vitamin C along with 8 other vitamins. It's recommended to eat this chilled, and it's a perfect snack that is good for you and your body!

Hanaka Chu Chu Lip Scrub

I constantly have very dry lips and was really excited to try out this product. I was pleasantly surprised that it smells absolutely amazing.. strawberry and cotton candy! It smells really good and gives you baby soft lips ready to rock any lipsticks or colors you like!

Ingredients: Sugar, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Lanolin Oil, Bees Wax, Wheat Germ Oil, Petroleum, Alpha-tocopherol, Wild Mango Oil, Strawberry Extract

Miss Hana Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (03 Choco Brown)

This is by far, my favorite item of the lot. I wore it a couple times for the whole day to test how smudge-proof and waterproof it was and it fared quite brilliantly. It glides on smoother than Urban Decay's 24 hr eyeliner, but that tends to crease on oily lids, whereas this had minimal creasing and smudging. Eyeliner is my favorite item of makeup, and this color is perfect for a natural look.

Solone 2mm Auto Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (01 Black)

I was really surprised that it is as pigmented as my gel liner, and in a convenient twist up form. Yay, no sharpening! The eyeliner itself is very thin, which allows you to draw a very thin precise line. Once dried, it is smudgeproof and waterproof as well.

Solone False Eyelashes

Besides face masks, the second item that I hoard is false eyelashes. I have so many I don't think I will ever finish using them in my lifetime. These are two boxes of very natural criss-cross falsies and half falsies. The lash band is very light and delicate, I used the half falsies with the ends cut off in the Miss Hana eye makeup picture!

Tony Moly Cat Chu Wink Gloss (10 Bling Red)

My second favorite item of the bunch! The packaging is absolutely adorable and I love the reddish tint it brings to your lips. Not only is the packaging cute, the cat head snaps back to the front when you close it. *OCD* It features a spatula doe-tip so it's very easy to apply. It's very cute and shiny, may not be the one for those who don't like sparkles, but there are many other color variations.

Use the coupon code: "ELAINE" at checkout for 10% off your purchase!

Disclaimer: The products mentioned above were sponsored to me by, but all opinions stated are an honest assessment of the products. 


  1. wow u got quite the haul there! haha i love the way u do ur eyes with the liner! very simple and pretty!

  2. Beautifull cosmetics * O *

  3. Great haul! The waterproof eyeliner seems so nice! And I love the lipgloss, so shinyy~~

  4. Thanks for sharing Elaine~ The packaging of all the items is so cute and pretty hehe, the lip scrub especially looks nice^-^ x

  5. Great Haul! Love the eyelashes (:

  6. That lip color is so pretty! And this reminds me that I need to get a brown pencil liner haha

  7. The packaging is so adorable!~ Great haul :> New follower here! Please follow back on GFC ♥

  8. you have such cute stuff!

    would you mind to follow each other? :)

  9. I absolutely love that Tonymoly catswink gloss, so pretty on you! Thanks for sharing, Elaine! *u* <3

  10. Thanks for the review!! So many goodies and they all have pretty packaging! 0_0

  11. Really nice haul! So many great products!

  12. Wow I'm really impressed with the eyeliners, very pigmented and smudge-proof! I need some of these in my life. xD Great Haul!

  13. What a great haul!! :D
    I love the Hanaka Chu Chu lip scrub packaging!!!
    I am a new followers! :D

  14. Love the way you do your eyebrows (:
    The Lip Scrub has such cute packaging! Thanks for this lovely review.

  15. Great haul! I don't even know where to look at, everything is so cute! I'd love to try the masks and the collagen gummy. Well, the lip scrub and gloss look lovely too *sigh* really envy you for this haul xD

  16. Amazing haul! The collagen gummies seem interesting!~ might go buy some myself nows :P

    -Miss Sennnaa

  17. What a great haul! I would love to try out these collagen snacks...
    I never heard of them - but snacks which are good to your skin while still eating sweet stuff!? MWAAAH perfect!! :D
    And the package of that "Hanaka Chu Chu Lip Scrub" looks so cute! I would love to try it out once :x

    much loves,

  18. oh wow these items all look so awesome! totally jealous >.< and you've sold me on that eyeliner. hahaha i need a better one thats brown. the one i have now does not come out smoothly, omg sometimes i feel like i have to tear at my skin to get any pigment. horrible.

    xoxo Sarah (xlicious girl)
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  19. Thank you! Eyeliner is my favorite item of makeup!

  20. Yeah, I was really surprised by how buttery and smooth it was as I haven't used pencil liners in a while!

  21. Thank you! Yes it smells really good too! Cute packaging is the easy way to a girl's heart ♡

  22. Thanks babe! Brown liners for not so fierce eyes ftw! ♡

  23. Thank you! I was afraid of the sparkles, but they are quite fine so it looks nice!

  24. Thank you! YESSSS cute packaging 4everzzzz

  25. Thanks for reading! Yes, I hate that feeling of dragging liners that are rough on your eyes ;___;

  26. Thank you! Haha, yes always drawn in by cute packaging!

  27. Thank you! The collagen tastes good *A* kill 2 birds with 1 stone!

  28. Thank you! I definitely want to get more of the Asahi strips in Japan! Super convenient to eat in the office *A*

  29. Thanks babe! Haha, always on the hunt for buttery liners! The rough ones hurt so bad, and it's like I can feel the wrinkles forming ;___;

  30. Love your haul..and all the products are tempting and very cute! I never purchased anything from imomoko because the price is too expensive for some products and some blogger even said that they sold some outdated products...;(

  31. i just found your blog and i already love it *.* would you like to follow each other ? kisses <3

  32. omg so much stuff! this is one big haul haha :D


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  33. Such a big haul~~ Your eyes are really pretty and you have really nice skin >__<
    So lucky to be sponsered by imomoko! I really want to shop there but shipping costs $100 for me :(

  34. Your make up haul is so awesome! Super jealous.

    I really want to try the Hanaka lip mask and the two eyeliners! super tired of eyeliners making me look like a panda by lunch time!

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